new ebook, DOGS AND LOVE, released for Valentine’s Day


For Immediate Release

Contact: Ferris Robinson

16 great stories for dog-lovers

16 great stories for dog-lovers

New ebook “Dogs and Love – Stories of Fidelity” Released For Valentine’s Day

In a panic over Valentine’s Day? She says chocolate is verboten. He says one more pair of cupid-stamped boxers will put him over the edge. Dogs and Love – Stories of Fidelity can be downloaded from for $2.99, the price of a cheesy greeting card, and has much more sentiment, especially for dog-lovers. “These sixteen true dog stories showcase the importance of dogs in the emotional lives of humans,” says author Ferris Robinson. The stories run the gamut from humorous to heart-warming, but all of them bring the reader a deeper appreciation of man’s best friend.

Robinson planned the release date to coincide with Valentine’s Day because it was an easy solution to the perpetual problem of yet another gift-giving holiday. “My husband forgot Valentine’s Day last year, and ended up bringing me a lame greeting card and a Snicker’s bar because he didn’t have time for anything else,” she says. “He would have saved a couple of bucks with this ebook, and I would have gotten something memorable.” Dogs and Love can now be downloaded instantly here, whether you have a Kindle or not, and every single story is about love, so it’s a perfect gift for Valentine’s, last-minute or not. The gift option on Amazon is under the ‘buy with 1 click’ option, and can be personalized by the sender. You can’t go wrong adding a message like Darling, you are truly the person the dog thinks you are.

Ferris Robinson is a columnist for and The Lookout Mountain Mirror. She is currently re-releasing her cookbooks, Never Trust A Hungry Cook, The Gorgeless Gourmet’s Cookbook – low-fat recipes for super busy people and Simplify Supper.

Contact her for more information at ferris (at)




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